Wealth Cap

I heard a news story today about the super rich actually suggesting that they would like to pay more taxes to help society.  And it got me thinking about the implication of wealth, about how wealthy people can actually get and what the alternatives would be like.

Is it a good thing that people can become infinitely wealth?  Is it actually a good thing that there is more than a six order of magnitude difference between the poor and the wealthy?

My instincts about numbers suggests that something is wrong,  people aren't created exactly the same, but one person is not a million times better than anyone else.  They can't work a million times harder.

When a person becomes super wealthy it is because they find a crack in the system of society, or in the earth, and out gushes money, whether it is from the ground or wallets it doesn't really matter.

I don't think I would want a system where there were no chances of striking it rich, because that is the type of reward that drives people to create great things, the problem is the feedback loop which is caused by money.

Those who have money gain the ability to make more and more of it.  With money comes the power to make more money.  Suddenly the wealthy will become super wealthy and a huge disparity opens up between the rich and the poor.

With enough money, a single person can be more influential than a million others.  A single person can become a ruler, a king or a god with enough money.  Is that what we really want?

What type of solution is there to this?  Taxes.  Curently taxes level off at a specified level of income, and after that it is smooth sailing to make more and more money because it gets easier and easier to come by.

But what if taxes got harsher and harsher, what if taxes increased super linearly, exponentially, so that super-rich meant a much lower number.

Once you are really rich I don't think your goal should be to make any more money.  The more you have the less other people will have.

If you are still very concerned with money when you are super rich, it is time to reconsider your purpose, and notice that everyone around you is trying to make their way, and you have the power to make it much more difficult, or much easier.

There is no way to be super rich, no way to be bigger than life,  there is always some trick to it.  It's an illusion that casts a powerful spell.  But there is no such thing as magic.



Unknown said...

I like this idea. I suspect rich people, who have a much bigger influence on how things turn out than I do, would not be as thrilled.

Kyler said...

I'm surprised that I seemed to have actually written a post that pretty much asserts what the Occupy Wall Street movement is all about. It's almost as though I have some idea of the popular sentiment.