Some longer exposure light art

here is some good old 3d art. This was inspired by an art project in grade 9, and this movie inspired my movie

Our egg protection device. It failed but at least my throw was accurate which gave us points in the science olympics.

Our creation from science olympics, it is call a voliaire

very cool background i made, entirely made of pictures taken from inside my house

Cool background i made a while back.

i get to school so early i see the sunrise

Nice cityscape in the mornin on my way to school

Well my copper went from black to green.

Stupid me

Why didn't i edit the pictures before i posted? You will have to live with faded pictures and some redeye.

the ending

Some of my friends

Some random people

Jasmine in a beam of light

Nice pattern of yellow

Very nice lighting

more friends dancing

Mike, Arun, Neil and Dan dancing away

some cool long exposure

a nice pick outside the school

Some people i know doing the Can can

Why did my copper turn black? What did i do wrong?

My favorite pencil

The pictures worked

After an hour of fiddling and avoiding homework i got the picture to work.

I take lots of pictures because i have camera that i carry around. You should expect lots of pictures.


School in the snow

Intersting, i started my blog in 30 seconds of thought

I'm Kyler, i made this blog because i had an extra 30 seconds to spend today. It was much too easy. If i will continue i don't know.

Just explaining the title, some people at school were joking about forming a club called the i hate kyler club because me , Kyler, was too good at physics and that i needed to be hated for it. And then i joined because i could.

That is all for now