More Edinburgh

We continued to explorer Edinburgh. We went to supper and all the kids had a good time at the kids only table. We later went to the zoo which while not as impressive as the Calgary Zoo was still enjoyable due to the penguins that actually build rock nests and the mansion right in the middle where we had lunch.

Exploring Edinburgh

During our stay in Edinburgh my brother and I did a fair bit of exploring. We went to some of the gallery, national and modern. They had an Andy Warhol exhibition, which was good , though I was still more impressed by the drawings we saw by Picasso and some of the paintings at the Scottish National gallery.

We went through the Edinburgh Castle and some of the Cathedrals. The normal occurrence was for me to start taking tons of pictures, Kris would start sketching, halfway through his sketch I would begin sketching frantically, and we would finish at about the same time and move on.

Sketches will probably come sometime in the future.


Edinburough Tattoo

The first day of our trip to Europe was very exciting. We left on a Friday night and got there on Saturday morning. I slept a total of 2 hours on the plane. We transfered planes in London to go to Edinburgh.

In Edinburgh we meet up with the whole family and got settled into our hotel. We proceed to go to dinner at a pub and were offered free drinks from a very nice lady picture wearing yellow below.

After dinner we made our way to the Tattoo, which is pretty much like the stampede grandstand show, except in front of a castle, with bag pipes. It was really good. Except it started at 10, and went to 12, and it was raining. Really, really raining.
The rain made the bagpipers all the more impressive.

And it ended at about 12 and we had to make our way down the hill from the castle to our hotel in the rain.

And we were running on 2 hours of sleep.

However, even with all of that, it was still really really fun.


The Adventure is over

After our 2 extremely long weeks, we are all back in Canada and slowly returning to real life.

I will just start with one picture (I only have a few thousand more).

This is our whole family at the castle where we stayed one night. It was really great.

Thanks to my whole family for making this trip so great. (and Jenna)

Kyler Kelly