Crit - Animation

This is the animation I finished this week for my animation 210 class.


To the present.

Below there are some other posts with more pictures of Europe. They are going up slowly, mostly because school has been fairly busy. I will probably be posting an animation from animation class up soon.

My class have been going well. Doing lots of drawing in both Anatomy and "Media and Techniques". My sculpture class has been all casting and molding up to this point, but we are going to be doing a bronze cast. Animation class has been really great. Almost every week we get to show our progress to the class and get feedback. Alot of the other students work is very strong. And then alot of our time is spent watching examples of sweet animation.

Here are pictures. The first one is of my work space, it is much messier now, but notice the ginormours table that I got. It's something like 5 feet by 4 feet. Just massive with great adjustable height and tilt. Plus it has the spirit of a prior ACAD student embedded in it. (I got it at a great deal off of Craigslist).

First day in sculpture we cast a models head. The guy in red is our teacher Paul and the guy in the back is the sculpture technician Scott. Bother are very helpful.

Them bones are all mine. Life size.

Randomly created art (almost random)

Sculpture casting project. Inspired by farenheit 451. You might be able to understand it if I explained it well enough in an earlier post.

Architectural drawings inspired by the book Fountain Head. Notice the signature.

My first angry self portraits.


Borthwick Castle

This was one of the highlights of the trip. Our whole family got to stay in a real castle. The wall were 14 feet thick. There were at least 3 five or six story spiral stair cases. It was pretty much the coolest thing ever.


It was just an amazing stary.


More of Edinbourough.

Even more pictures from Edinburough.

Mansart Roofs, awesome.