It's definitely something that I picked up from my parents.  They would go for a run every Sunday, and go on runs throughout the week.  It was something they were dedicated to.

Running is weird sport, in that you get better as you age.  I wasn't very good at running when I was a teenager. I don't think I ever feel like I got into a grove and just wanted to keep going.  It was always slog.  But running is an adventure.  You go outside and can go wherever you want.  Through fields. Up hills. Through construction sites, next to rivers, over bridges, down sidewalks.

I find it very contemplative.  Every step brings you new things to see and hear.

But it was always hard.

But then my mom lent me a book to read, called "Born to Run".  It's one of those trending books that slowly spreads like a virus until most people will have read it, or been told to read it.  Thankfully there is a very good reason for it.

The books is written as an adventure that will get you excited about running, but if you cut it down to the bare information there are a few main points that have drastically improved my ability to run.

The first, and most important revelation is that conventional running shoe design is about 40 years old and have no scientific basis.  There was no study to see whether cushioned shoes were better for running.  They just felt nice on your feet, and they seemed like a good idea.  They looked cool and they sold really well.

The next important piece of information is that humans evolved to be good at long distance running.  We evolved to be able to literally run animals to death over a 4 or 5 hour time period.  Our bodies are specifically designed to run well.

So I got rid of my running shoes, and got some Merell Trail Gloves.  They are shoes that have no cushioning, have great grip and will protect my feet.  I'm sure some people would suggest to go all the way barefoot, but I love running everywhere, and not having to worry about my feet makes running more fun.

The final piece of the puzzle is realizing that running is a skill.  There is a technique to it that is very precise.  If you get your running technique just right, it's like your body falls into a slipstream and everything feels so easy.  There are many videos and tutorials online about good running from, they aren't hard to find.

One very important fact that I learned was that our muscles have an optimal rhythm that they evolved to have.  For most people it is somewhere around 180 steps per minute.  This seems like a very fast rhythm to run at, but once you get to that rate, suddenly your muscles feel happy and bouncy.

And with all that information and good weather I have been out running in Montreal.

In the last 3 weeks I have covered probably almost 150 km.

What I have been finding is that running isn't about going fast or really getting places.  I think it's a form of meditation that really works for me.  It lets you be really aware of the world around you, yet at the same time be all alone, completely free.

So I'll keep running, and probably, I will only get better with age.