After the party

I still have more to do to finish it, but I think I got a really nice texture for the actual crumpled part of the vehicle.


Architecture drawings

Here are various architecture drawings we did in design drawing on friday. I was very happy to have not use a ruler for anything in any of them.



As odd as it might seem, I actually enjoy the Calgary transit system. Every day I have 2 uninterrupted hours of free time in which I can listen to podcast, listen to music, read books, read stuff for homework, be social with other people or play videogames. If I drove I would never get that many options. It's almost as if life is forcing me to have some free time, and it is probably very healthy (not that i really am in dire need of free time as I know some people are).

Thankfully I have a very nice route which assures that I always get a seat on the train, and my bus is reliable.


Tonal figure drawings

Some are my actual hand, some copied from anatomy books, some from life drawing books, some from a ballet video I have from my Norman Mclaren animation set, one from a magazine, and some copied from classical sculpture found in books.

I actually can see some progress.



After doing some life drawings tonight by copying pictures from a life drawing book, I finally understand the basics to making good life drawings (this does not mean that I can). It's all about seeing the actual form, seeing how the light actually is, deciding that light isn't good enough, making up your own light that follows the real rules dictated by the real life observation, draw what you made up. Also, it means seeing tiny subtle variations in the forms, and exaggerating them

I learned all this by looking at actually photographs in the book, trying to draw them, then looking at what the expert did to draw the same figure. They were completely making up all the lighting, it was literally coming from a different side.

I heard from somebody that it takes something like 1000 life drawings to be good at it. I think I might have hit something like 500 recently.


New Photo Feature

On the right hand side of the page is a link to my photo gallery. Thankfully Google started automatically creating this gallery from the pictures I uploaded since December.

It is most useful for looking at my pictures in pristine quality. I would suggest using the slide show feature, pressing F11 for full screen to look at my pictures in all of their high resolution glory, centered, against a nice black background.

For real full screen, you need to download the extension Full Fullscreen for firefox from
this will make all the tool bars disappear.

My only gripe is that the slide show controls don't fade out when you let it run.(Edit: nevermind, they do fade out if you leave the mouse completely still for a few moments, this is absolutely perfect, no gripes at all.)

I will continue to post all my pictures in the same format, but now we have more options to see them which is alway nice.


Portrait continued...

I recgonize the fact that Tiff thinks this has horrible colours in it. Yet still, I think it looks really good. How very odd.


Hopefully I won't have to change anything more on this painting.

The One ring to rule them All

Finished making my first ring in jewellery, I will see if anybody can figure out what all the numbers on it mean.

The numbers are =18=5+7+3+3=216/12=2006-1988=


Design Drawings

Here are some design drawings that I did recently. The botanical one was done at the Devonian gardens and I believe is one of the most time consuming projects in the class. I was very happy with the fact that it was one of the better designed ones, even though my detail might not have been as great.



This thing isn't really near done, but it looks really cool already.

Another self portrait

After having done 2 other self portraits, I wanted to do something a little different in painting tomorrow. Here is the reference that I will be using in painting tomorrow. Hopefully an actually painting will be posted shortly.


After humanities today, I think I convinced myself how pratical and possible it could be, to be both an atheist, yet also believe in god. (belief defined very vaguely as being something that you should at least imagine existing once and a while)

Hopefully no one is offended by my vagueness.


I'm back into seeing stuff,

Thankfully I'm fully recovered from not wanting to see stuff anymore.

Lots of projects are in the works and will(need) be done by the end of the week.

Hopefully people saw the slight graphical update to my blog header?


Maybe I will through in a picture for kicks. *ruffles through picasa* here are some funny pictures I took as reference for still lifes.

Arghh... my eyes

I'm getting very close to not wanting to see anything for a while. I've watched so many movies, played so many videogames, drawn so many things, looked at so much colour, taken so many pictures, remembered so much art history, worked on so much tiny jewellery that I am getting to a point were I just want to do something that does not involve looking (or listening, too many podcasts, too much music, and too many audio commentaries).

Maybe I am hitting the physical limit of my mind to process visuals into memory or something, but it is getting extremely tiring.

Otherwise, everything is going well, since I do enjoy all that was mentioned above.

First thing, is no ipod on the train to school, maybe that will give my brain a chance to catch up.