Biking Art Adventure

Today I decided that instead of going for a run, I would go on a biking/art adventure. I was hoping to get almost downtown on my bike whil stopping to sketch and take pitures along the way. It started off going really well, however once I got near Douglas Dale, there was some construction. I was trying to find a way around it when I heard a nice hissing sound coming from my rear tire. Soon is was deflated. Unfortunately I had only thought about this happening but had decided not to take any precautions against a flat since I knew I had all day to sort out problems such as that.

I ended up walking my bike 5 km to the deer valley Zellers and bought a patch kit and pump. After various fumbled attemps I finally got the tube fixed and was back on the road.

In the end, it was alot of fun. I will try it again and will hopefully have more art to show for it.

Golf and Horse and Fire

My Grandma came to visit this weekend. We saw Oceans 13, played some golf, had a fire and went to Spruce Meadows to see a little horse jumping.

The above images feels like something by Caspar David Friedrich

Fish Creek

Arun and Kim suddenly appeared at my door today. We went for ice cream at Annies in Fish Creek park. Some gophers wanted our ice cream.

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