Christmas was great

I had a very good Christmas. Here are a whole bunch of picture of it taken with the new camera that I received for Christmas.


Art is finally up

New (and slightly old) art. There are nude people, you have been warned.

The first semester of art school was finally over with a drawing crit I had today.


This is actually a copy of a Kathe Kolwitz

Variations of a Frame

Here is one frame from my last sculpture project. Just imagine that the shapes are moving to music, and the locations are changing.


2 Emails that changed my life.

I thought it might be appropriate that I should include 2 emails that I sent last year to a friend that nicely illustrate where I am right now and how I got here.

March 2, 2006 11:18pm

Subject: I feel like a complete idiot

I got a few weeks ago a thing in my email from u of c about entrance award submissions.

The deadline was march 1.

I was busy and stressed.

So I ignored it.

and ignored it.

And I thought I would have to get a transcript and do all sort of stuff.

And I really don't know what I want to do next year and I was too stressed so I ignored it some more.

I didn't want to think about it.

And it is now march second and I have successfully ignored something that should have been really easy to do.

And now I might have missed out on a bunch of entrance awards that I probably had a really good chance at getting because it is based on grade 11 marks.

I think I got the closest to having a stress break down ever when I found out.

But I'm fine now.

It's not like we can't afford university, but I really didn't want to mess up the easiest possible thing.

I still have the ability to get the IB award stuff, but I still feel stupid because I'm not sure I'm going to do that well in IB to get those awards.

On a happier note, almost all of my projects are done, which should make my stress go down, but it still hasn't.

I wish I knew what I really want to do after school. I don't want to just have more school.

And there was this multimedia bootcamp thing in Kelowna during the spring break I was thinking of going to (jazz and Kate are going), but I don't think I want to because I will already know everything they can teach me (probably). But it might be fun.

How are you?


March 3, 2006 3:06pm

Subject: Complete reality change for Kyler

Well it seems me feeling really stressed out actually was a very good thing for me.

After I wrote that email I watched My Name is Earl and The Office. Both of which were hilarious and in HD.

And then I went to bed all stressed out.

I couldn't sleep.

All I could do was think.

And all of the thinking actually got me feeling really, really good.

because i realised that I don't want to do physics in university, or as a career,

I want to be an animator.

I had already known that, but I hadn't been able to reason it out in my head.

My reasons for going into physics were:

I am good at it
I enjoy it

And then I thought of the reasons I should be in animation

I am good at it
I really enjoy it
It has alot to do with physics
It has to do with math
It is art
I can spend all day doing it and still not get bored
It's cool
I could work for something like Pixar
Integrates with music
Model building
I like to walk and not drive
I like juggling
I like drawing with perspective
I like working with groups
I really like comedy
I really like action
I really like science fiction
Special effects
I've already made a movie
l've done 2 or 3 projects in school about it

Really a lot of reasons

and then I got really excited, because I convinced myself I should be an animator

and then I thought of money
and then I thought of a physicist salary

money isn't a defining issue for me

i don't really care about money

and then I felt really really great because I finally think that I should do animation

meaning i should take art in university

or art college, or just work on my animation

so then I decided that I would go to that 3d camp even if it is easy to see what a school like that is like.

And now I'm happier then I've been in a while.

I feel a little bad that I already figured out my problems, but, as some advice, if you feel really good about deciding what to do, then you are probably doing the right thing, because I felt really really good when I figured this out last night.

Now I just have to figure out the details and tell my parents who should be pretty good about it.

So that was that decision. Thought it might be interesting to archive these emails, makes for a very important part of my biography.

Art school is still really great.


Tools of the trade

Here are most of tools and materials that I use and have in my art bag (looks almost like a medical kit). My favorite is what looks like a booger, it's actually just a bunch of rubber cement I use to clean design projects up. Also included are pictures of my work space. The table is my brothers but I get to use it.

A good work space is the first piece in doing good art.

Any question?


Sculpture, really really weird this time round

Yes this is gross, my project is at the end of the pictures, look for the card board.

My project is the big cardboard wall in the lobby, I was in fact making fun of the Tilted Arc sculpture by Richard Serra. His was steel, even more enormous and very sturdy. Mine was cardboard and so unstable that it feel down just as my crite was finishing, great timing.