Art and Photography

These are all pictures from my figure drawing class. If you look very carefully I am making progress.

This is a modernist paint I am working on. It might be finished.

More Life drawing

I went on a little adventure with my new camera in fish creek park.

I did dangerous things.

First watch the video.

Guess what I did as a little kid. All of those things. And most of them I did at our families cabin.

1. I played with fire. We had a fire pit, and we had fireworks. The adults let all of us kids set up and start the fires. I think I remember burning myself three times. Probably twice on marshmallow sticks which don't glow red when they are hot enough to still burn, and once when I was moving a stick that was burning and grabbed a part that was hot.

What did this experience probably result in. I suspect it is alot of the reason why I was so keen to get to pour bronze in my sculpture class.

2.Own a pocket knife. I had various pocket knifes that I only ever remember using at the cabin. We had a large supply of wood, and I could work outside without having to clean up a mess. I probably only ever was able to carve an extremely rudimentary fish and take the bark off of a stick, but I never cut myself.

In art school I hear stories from people cutting themselves all the time on scissors and exacto knifes. I think I have had one papercut sized cut in the last 2 years. I must have learned something.

3. Throw a spear. I have used a slingshot, darts, bow and arrow, and lawn darts at our cabin. I also learned how to juggle and yo-yo when I was little. I seemed to thrive off of any activities such as those. I suspect that these activities are why I have good hand eye coordination, and usually work really quick. They are really varied task which would have started my ability to learn different activities really quickly and have the patients to master them.

4. Take apart an appliance. I have to say that I never really got into this one. I have taken apart, (I think), a fan or a drill and a TV. Neither was very informative, though at least I did it. I think I learned alot more from building vehicles out of Knex and building card houses. I learned about how iterative design works. Build something once, test, change one aspect, repeat forever. I built 4 wheel drive steerable cars and 14 story cards houses using these methods. It's undeniable how influential this experience was.

5. Drive a car. Again, at our cabin my dad let all the kids get on his lap and drive our car around one of the the desserted streets. It was the biggest treat in the world and once again, taught me that I could do stuff like that.

6. Break the DMCA. Oh, I think this is something I actually have to get my parents to do.

Other dangereous things.

Jump off high dives and cliffs
Fly off of swings
Trampoline and tumbling
Water ski and tube like a crazy person
Drive a boat
Swing on ropes
Climb trees

Obviously I was greatly helped by these abilities. Though I was lucky. Our family had the cabin where we were allowed to do this stuff. And I had parents who let me. Obviously our society is not setup to let kids do this type of stuff, that needs to change. We are dumping the worlds down and making it boring. Why do we always have to build stairs, why can't we put ladders and fire poles in buildings. Rock wall and obstacles?


Christmas and surrounding times

Long time since my last update. Time for a huge recap.

First is some art.

This first piece was a casting project. I cast the cage of our bird who pasted away last year. It was pretty neat. It sort of transformed the cage into a home/memorial.

The next art thing was bronze casting. This was really really fun. I was daring enough to volunteer to be one of the people holding the crucible during the pouring process. I proved to be good at it, however it was exceedingly hard on my arms since it weight probably 70 pounds when it was all filled with bronze.

This is a picture of burning the wax out of the silica sand molds.

Me wearing protective gear.

These were pictures of the crucible filled with bronze coming out of the forge. I am not one of those people.

Here is me getting ready to pick the thing up.
Depth perception is very important, as well as team work to having a successful form. It was peculiar when I was doing it, because I had complete control of the pouring process, but I didn't actually feel like I was the one who was figuring out or actually controlling the pour. Though it did go really well. More pictures of the bronze will follow.

This was some sketching I did for anatomy of eyes, source from Ratatouille.

This was my final drawing project. It is massive. And really conceptual. It is a self-portrait of ACAD. I won't even try to explain.

This was my bronze after an initial cleanup work.

Here he is on his plinth after he was all finished. I also made the plinth

My teacher taking a picture of it.

This sculpture project was really weird. It ended up being me walking from my house to the c-train station I use everyday with a cinder block. And taking pictures along the way. It was sort of a spur of the moment/deadline fueled work that actually ended up being well received by the class.

I got a new camera this month, it does some fancy HDR imaging, here is something it produced. My friends Tiff and Sho.

When our animation class ended, we all went to a pub for lunch which was lots of fun. Hopefully you can tell who our teacher was.

I don't really know who these kids are, they were just at one of the christmas events I was at, and they seemed to make really good pictures.

The above are just some pictures of family that I think are interesting from our christmas get togethers.

And finally pictures from a party at Kim's house. oh the fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everybody