Little tiny bits of knowledge

I've been doing all sort of projects for the last few months, and different problems always come up that need solving, and it fascinating how solutions start to snowball into more and more solutions.

Take for instance a problem I was having exporting images from the Gamer Mom project I am working on with Mory.  I was having to press about 10 buttons to export a single image into a folder and name it correctly.  I ended up spending a few hours learning how to write scripts for TVpaint, and figured out how to make it a single button press, to do the exact same export.  It changed the whole experience because it was so easy.

Later I am faced with a completely different project. And I run into a new problem, again with exporting from TVpaint, but this time, I can fairly quickly write an even more elaborate script to export images from the software.

Little pieces of experiments past start to add up into bigger and better solutions.

Unfortunately this type of innovation can only happen in tiny steps.  Often the knowledge gap between a problem and solution is too great which means you simply won't be able to overcome it.

I've had ideas about writing a new method for animation interpolation, but the gaps are just to big.  Though I am now always on the lookout for the paths that I think might lead to the right solution.


Website Design Aesthetics

In many cases on the web, you can actually get yourself down to a nearly infinite depth on a website.

I just tried it on Facebook, scrolling down, and down and down, and asking for more and more Facebook.  I think I was able to scroll around 30 times before Facebook finally gave up serving me content.

And what does it feel like to do that on the internet.  You get on a infinitely down scrolling page, and look at content.  And aesthetically it is terrible.  The further you scroll down the more it feels like you are being squished under a mountain of content, most of it that is meaningless and you skipped through.

The opposite case of the Facebook tower looming overhead is a blog. The newest story is always on the top, and if it is a blog that you like and visit fairly often, you only have to stay at the top of the content tower.

I guess the saving grace of Facebook is that new content does stream in from the top, meaning that for the new things that can drag you in, you just need to go back to the top of the giant tower.

Well there is another story to this tower.


Life Drawing And Yoga

This is more digital life drawing. I should get myself to a real life drawing session, but for now I am picking my skills back up with online life drawing. And for the first time ever, a little bit of animated life drawing. This could be done with a real model, but it is easier with digital reference. In the future, I might move my life drawing into something more akin to life animating.

But lets not get to ahead of ourselves yet.