7 hours

That is the limit of the time I can work during a day. Today I started at 10 and went till 5. At 5 I tried to do more but everything I wrote really sucked. And this has actually happened twice now, where I couldn't keep going at 5 oclock. This wasn't even full straight work, I had been taking breaks, but know I know exaclty how much work I can do in a day.


Good news and stress

Good news is that I got my xbox 360 harddrive back and everything is working great.

Bad news is that I have TOK, EE, FT, WL and IA to do, that is a problem, but it can be handle by presicely doing all my work as quickly and effectively as possible (that last part was a lie, I will just do it so it gets done).

Good luck to everyone in my same position.

Better get to work


Great Cartoon


A little better news

Well I still have not received the powersupply or harddrive for my 360, but I phoned again today and had the best guy helping me (I think his name was Micheal). He immediately decided to get a supervisor involved, which was a really good thing, they have all the real power. So he was able to get them to send out another powersupply and hard drive. They don't really know where mine are, which is dissapointing, but the best outcome is that I will end up with 2 of each. I'll have a very nice backup.


Good news and less good news

I got my xbox back!!!

but only the console :-(

They decided to send the xbox seperate from the other stuff, so I don't yet have a power supply to plug my xbox back into the wall, so I still can't play any games or turn it on. But at least I know everything is coming.

Hopefully it will come later today or maybe tomorrow.

The ordeal is almost over.