What's that new box over there?

That box means that I got an xbox 360 for christmas. That would be my xbox live gamercard that keeps track of pretty much any game that I play on it.

I was really surprised on that santa ( actually Mrs claus) was able to find one.

And in other news, the rest of christmas was really good too. I grandparents came to our house and everybody is having a really good time.


I made it onto digg!!!

But then I got voted off of the homepage.

I actually was in my spare during the noon hour and was checking digg, I was surprised to find the story I submitted yesterday at the top of the homepage with about 56 diggs. I was very excited and keep checking every few minutes, and it keep getting more diggs, and more comments, but most of the comments were saying it was old news and was lame. I sort of agree that it was a lame story and it actually was old news.

I keep watching it, until about 1:30, when suddenly it disappeared. It must have gotten too many anti diggs to keep it on the homepage.

Link to proof

Well it was fun while it lasted and I'm still pretty happy that I got that far with a story, maybe next time I can do even better.


I saw this and counldn't help post it.

Credit goes to Cute overload

Even more of the grad set, my favorite part (because of the texturing), the Jeopardy set

More of the grad movie set, a little wheel of fortune.

Chemsitry Key

I have posted all of the pictures of the answer keys for the chemistry text book at the picturehold.blogspot.com. So now I don't have to send emails to people with all of the pages. And the order is from bottom to top.


IT didn't come, Dang IT

Whatever IT was, IT didn't come. It was supposed to have come between 12 and 2 yesterday, but of course, IT didn't.

Now I can do homework.


Aunt, Dad and Uncle (5 attempts and this is the best my uncle would do)

It's coming

What is IT, I won't tell, but IT, is going to be here soooon!!!



A sneek peek at a rendering of the 3d version of the cafeteria I am creating for the grade 12 grad video. Lots more detail to come in the scene.

Mike belaying at the rock climbing wall

The rusting continues

Rock climbing roots

snow in a beaker (except not snow, really dangerous chemicals)

Oh the things people search...

Using my site counter thingy, I can see how people got to my website, meaning I can see what searchs people did that brought them to this blog, and sometimes, it's really, really, really weird. Here are 3 examples

Egg protection device (notice that it is in spanish google?)


Kyler is stupid (why on earth would you search this?)

and one more

Just Joking comedy club(understandable)

So very weird.


On a side not, I transformed an old keyboard into a Dvorak keyboard.

Wolly steel

The start of my group IV lab.

True 3d in 3ds max

I have discovered a method to look around scenes in true 3d stereovision in 3ds max!!!

Here are two examples first. You'll only be able to see the true 3d if you can do the magic eye picture things.

To see the image in 3d look at the 2 frames labelled camera 5 and camera 4. Use the technique that you would use to view a magic eye image, meaning get right up close to the screen and then pull away slowly. Try and get the pictures to merge into one.

Some tips for this
-try taking off glasses if you have them.
-don't try and magnify the image too much, smaller is easier, though you will probably want to get the image to actual size in your internet browser.

How this was done.

First I set up one main camera, the one at the top in wireframe mode, I would call this the drive camera. Then I place 2 cameras right next to it, one for each eye. You should have the camera's about the width a humans eyes would be apart, though making them further apart increases the 3d effect. Link both eye cameras to the drive camera

And finally to get all the screens to change at the same time. Press the time configuration button, which is 2 buttons to the left of the walkthrough mode button.
And deselect "Active viewport only". This makes all the frames change at the same time.

To move around, select the top frame and go into walkthrough mode. You can walk around with that. But look at the other 2 frames in the way descibed before on you can have true 3d in 3ds max.


Halo Competition!!!

Even though my Western Halo competition was cancelled, Karma did the right thing and gave me and Steven another opportunity. Mike scouting group was having a Halo competition, and there wasn't enough registration, so he called me and I got to play. And through Steven's and my l33t skills, we were able to win. And somehow, through all the rounds I got more kills and less deaths then Steven, allowing me to win the competition overall (though Steven was a great help, we had really good communication). Big thanks to Mike for organizing everything and being an awesome score counter/ annoucer.

Million picture day

What would you think of a day at school where everybody who could bring a digital camera to school did, and tried to take as many pictures as possible, and at the end of the day or the next few days, go to a computer (or a volunteer at a computer) and get all of those pictures put into one giant compilation.

Wouldn't it be incredible? It is sort of like taking a gigapixel picture in hope of archiving something, but instead of taking 1 picture, we can take a million (in an ideal situation).

It would be a good idea for a fundraiser, though I would want to do it just for fun.

Though in reality, I think a 100,000 picture day could be more realistic.


Don't let me adjust coulours, I go crazy.

How did I get this angle?



Today the Halo tournament was cancelled. It had been going on for a week and a half, we were doing really well. We had a very good chance of winning. But no, it had to be cancelled.

The adminstration finally decided that it was an inappropriate fundraiser for the rugby team. Well isn't rugby violent? Didn't I sign a consent form? Won't I play halo anyways? Don't we watch R rated movies in class (fla last year and down fall this year)?

And on further thought on violence in video games:
I'm sure videogames do desensitize us to violence. There is no way that that isn't true. But what is the problem with that. If I am already desensitized to violence, doesn't that mean I won't freak out if violence occurs, I can stay calm, make good decisions and get far out of the way. Being desensitized to violence doesn't cause violence, evil people who don't know what is right and wrong cause violence (maybe not evil, more angry people who are out of control). If a police officer wasn't desensitized to violence, how could he do his job? He would freak out and do something stupid that would hurt more people. In case of emergency, I would rather be like a calm police officer.

Not promoting violence in the least, but desensitizing yourself to violence isn't going to make more violence.


So much power

At school today I found out today how much computer power I have a my disposal to render my 3d animations(rendering means having the computer create all of the individual frames using math). On my last film, each frame took about 1 min to render. I had 7 min of video, 30 frames per second, that is lots of rendering. I had to simplify all of my 3d scenes, so that they would render faster. But not this year. In the computer lab, all of the computers are set up so that I can distribute my rendering on all of them during non-school hours. This means I will have about 30 computers, that are almost always avaible, and all faster then my computer working as much as I can make them.

I can set every setting to the highest that is even remotely neccesary, and I still won't be able to fill them up.

I can't wait. This is like having a 20-30 thousand dollar rendering farm all to myself, because no one else in the school ever does any 3d animation. I have a monopole, more like a communist dictatorship because of the division of work.

This is the best motivation for me to actually get my movie made.

I can't wait.

Tonight it is the first test, I am rendering a video for grade 9 orientation for multimedia club.

I feel so great


My Music stats

Track Count: 1605
Play Count: 4648
Total time: 6.2 days of music
Total time music has been played: 1.8 weeks
Artist count: 217
Genres: 30
Most Songs played at 9.00 pm
average track lenght 5.6 mins
average play count 2.9

Also, almost all of my music is either Rock or alternative punk, or comedy (comedy what is that?)

I got these stats using http://nosleepsoftware.sourceforge.net/index.php?page=download

All these stats start last year when I got my ipod shuffle, so I used to listen to more alternative before that.


New picture posting method

I picture I took on my trip to Vancouver and never posted.

An idea that i really need to patent right away

First read the article that is linked to the title of this post.

It is about a Giga pixel camera (not mega, I mean 1000 megapixel). The way he takes pictures is by taking a picture with giant film and then scanning it once it is developped. Well what if that all happened inside your camera. What if inside you camera there was some type of reusable film that could take the picture, then go through a small scanner, which would allow for a much higher resolution picture, and then the film chemically (or maybe electricaly) reverted to being blank. I'm not sure how film could be reverted, but something lik that could be figured out.

I think this system could allow for incredibly high resolution cameras, a normal film camera has a resolution of about 100 megapixels, so theoreticaly why wouln't this? Scanners scan one line at a time, so they could have a much higher resolution and it could take more time to scan the picture.

So "patent pending on this idea"

Hopefully this blog is proof enough that is was my own idea.

I need to talk to someone who knows so more about cameras to see if this seems possible.


What happened today

I started doing some animation on my movie and found that even though some of the process of creating an animated walk has been automated, it will take me just as long to finish, because I will spend the extra time making it look even better then ever before.

Also, today, I had no real school. First I had spare, and then ELA, but we went to the pep rally (I am now completely full of pep, and I am proud of my contribution to Rusky the husky intro video (a small amount of animation)), and then I had 2 spares in the afternoon (I sure hope they were spares or else I was skipping.

And finally, during my homework, I tried the (10+2)*5 method of working (mention in one of my diggs). Which means working 10 mins, doing something else 2 mins. If done five times, it will take an hour. I did some social homework and chem studying, and watched tiny bits of Spirited Away for my breaks (also as research for my extented essay). I feel as though my rate of work didn't lag off during the how time like it might have due to boredom. Therefore, I will conclude that it was a success, and will try it again in the coming days (and report any more findings).


Best day of the Year Yet

Today was really good. I had 2 spares and multimedia club, which totalled 220 minutes of time in the computer lab working on multimedia stuff. I did some really cool work 3d which I'm really proud of.
In my first spare I talked to someone briefly about Halo 2. Then at the annoucements I hear about a Halo 2 competition in the school next week!! I'm really excited. And then finally, in my second spare, I see as the top story on Digg, that Peter Jackson is producing the new Halo movie...


It will be definitly my favorite movie ever.

Halo + multimedia + little homework = great day


Happy to have found a subject :Animation

Finally after alot of thinking about what to do for my extended essay, I have found a subject.

Visual Arts : Animation

I will be able to an analysis of some sort of animation. Possibly a specific movie, or artist.
Not exactly sure how I will do everything, but I think this will work really well. I don't even know who could be my teacher advisor. I might just have to have Mr. Kelly do it if he can't find anybody.

I found a link with all of the subject material for the extended essays.


My favorite website

During the summer I discovered my favorite website www.digg.com
. They have a podcast that I started to listen to and just got hooked because it was hosted by my two favorite hosts from a show called the screensavers, which was cancelled.

You can find all the stuff I have dugg at www.digg.com/users/kylerk . I find so much stuff I am interested in, it is amazing.

Best website ever


Note, there is a link on the sidebar with my digg profile.

Drivers license

I finally got my drivers license, 1 year and a week after my 16th birthday.

I got it on my first try, though I did get alot of demerites, though a most of them can be attributed to the fact that I was driving a standard, and that our standard is very different then my driving instructors standard.


My idea to change the world

What is the second most common key on the key board that you use... backspace, so why is it all the way at the far edge of the key board. Why don't we just split up the space bar into three section. One large middle section for space and 2 smaller side buttons for backspace. No more reaching over when you make a mistake.

And for more typing info go to




Week at Pigeon Lake

Last week my family went to our grandparents cabin on pigeon lake. We had lots of fun and good weather. Here are some of the many, many pictures I took. Many of them have no peole, this is because I was just taking pictures to have a nice archive of the place for the future.


In our family the car when going on vacation is always full. Completely and untterly full. I would say that we did a pretty good job at getting everything in. If you look at the gold bag, you can see that 3 sets of clubs have been crammed into one bag.