Anki - 3 Months In

Below are the stat output of my Anki experience.  The first one is in Month view, and the second is in Deck Lifetime, meaning about 3 months.

While this isn't producing some sort of miracle learning in terms of me speaking Cantonese, I do at least remember something like 160 different words to varying degrees.  This includes pronunciation and audio recognition.

I am also listening to lessons, and I definitely find that having Anki deal with the memorization problems frees me up when listening to the lessons.

The whole process is actually sometimes spooky.  I will be shown a word in cantonese, or hear one, and feel like I can't remember it, but then the first thing pops into my mind, and 95% of the time that first thing is right.   That is when the system is working on the very edge of my memory.

One lesson I learned is that you have to be very careful when adding new cards.  At one point I was adding 15 new cards a day, which means 5 new words, and very quickly I was struggling and having a very bad time.  It made the process very stressful.  So I cut it down to just 4 cards a day, less than 2 new words, and it feels much better.

And I have found this to be a very easy habit to pick up.  I've studied 90% of the days since I started. And most incredible is the fact that it only has taken a total of 11 hours.  Imagine trying to learn 160 words, spelling and pronunciation in 11 hours.  That would be impossible.  

But I did it?



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My Personal Stash of Hints

This is a live version of a google doc in which I store my personal trove of hints for computer software. It is very specific and obscure, but I thought it should at least be public. Someone, somewhere, will hopefully find it useful.

This is where my hints will always be.