Vipers Visualizations

I had to make some 3d visualizations for the calgary Vipers Baseball team. Here are my finished products. I think they look pretty good.

An example of why the I hate kyler club was formed in the first place.


Last day of grade twelve. It's been a great three years.

More Grad Pictures

Mikael made us a flickr group, please go and add you pictures

Western Grad (Ib Nerds)

Our graduation was held at the U of C, in one of the Gyms, next to the Olympic Skating Oval

My Dad arriving

Kate and I

Travis thought it would be good to use a little magic when graduating.

Our nice little wizard cult of Tom, Travis and Lisa.

Kate, sufficiently smug with her gown

Kate, Kent (Brockman), and Chris



A picture of Dan Validvictorian speech.

Carling and Brandon, Carling being possibly the initial person to start the I hate kyler club, which I immediately joined. Seconds before this picture, he initiated a "I really hate Kyler club" , which as it's first rule blocks me from joining.

The Leuitenant Gouvernor of Alberta, and to my surprise, a retired calgary Stampeders fullback.

It's a where's Waldo for my family

My new friend Elaina, who happened to be the next person alphabetically in our class of 2006, I was #265, she was #264

Bye taking away our physical uniqueness with the gowns, we can better see how we are all different (just hypothesizing)

Moments before I walk the stage

Gillian, Bianca, Beth and Kate

This is what happens when you don't wear anything but boxers and have to return your gown right after the ceremony.

Beth's dad once again, my parents had no idea who he was

It was time to leave the graduation ceromony, Kates family formed a nice chain to escape the mess.