A sick XBox 360

Last friday my xbox decided to get sick. I was playing Geometry wars, I think I was at about 70 000 points (my high score is 1.9 million, world high score is about 9.8 million) and the screen when a weird vertical strip picture. I turned it off, hoping this was just one crash, which was a possibility. It turned on, but the ring of green light around the on button started blink red, which seemed bad. I ran to the computer to check what these lights mean. The xbox site says "hardware failure". Ewww...

There steps for fixing this start with disconnecting everything and reconnecting. It turns on for a minute, but soon shuts itself off. I try the online chat support thinking that will be the fasted. It works really well actually, but they only direct me to the phone support because my problem is more serious.

I phone and it only took about 1 minute to talk to a real person and I went through the same sort of troubleshoting I had done before. I end up having to setup up the send in and repair process. The idea behind this is they send me a box and I send it back with the xbox in it. This whole support issue had only take about 1 hour from the time the Xbox quit.

The only problem is that I still haven't received a box to send to them. Hopefully it will come tomorrow, because that is what the lady I talked to today said it would come.

The one week that I actually have real time to play it and it breaks down.

Oh well, on the brightside, I have less distracting me from my EE and HS, except waiting.


Animation Research

I need some help for my extended essay research. I have told many of you about it, so to learn more please just go to

Animation research

It would really help me out if you could read this and help me with the project, it's watching a video and then descriping each clip very briefly.



World Lit

Well I have been every so slowly working on my world lit assignement. I was having a little diffiuculty because I was finding it difficult to implement quotes into the finished work. So I searched on google for intergrating quotes and found 2 results right aways that helped.



In other news, I have applied to U of C, U of A, UBC and will be applying to the Ontario universities. I've already got early admission for U of C. It was really quick, only 2 days.

Also, for anyone who hasn't applied, it is really easy because the online registration is very well done, with forums that automatically save themselves and adjust to what you put in.

In book news, I've read a book called Blink this break and most of Do androids dream of electric sheep. Blink was an interesting book about first impression, quick thinking, unconcious think, it has lots of good examples and feels alot like a TOK book. The Android book has a similar plot (i think) to blade runner, except switch the clones with Androids and add lots of other stuff.

The xbox is still really great, I've now used it for an actual slide show to show picture to my moms friends and it worked really well. And big news, an external HD-DVD player will be available for it later this year, putting it more on par with the PS3!!!

In other videogame news, I got my brother a DDR pad for the old xbox and DDR ultramix. And I have become alot more proficient with it. I can now do almost all of the medium setting dances with an average grade. Soon I will be able to take on Jasmine.

Good luck if you too have a World lit paper to write, and if anyone has more information on it, I would enjoy it.