After about 11 months, my movie, going to be showing at the Western film fest, will be done very soon. I think i have about 5 more scenes and then as many fixes as a want to do, then some quick editing, then i am done. 7 minutes of pure animation, i have no idea how many hours i spent working on it, or how many hours the computer spent rendering it, but it sure is a big thing.

And something that makes me feel good, is that in movies like the incredibles, the animators probably only get a minute of their own work in the whole movie, while i get a whole 7 minutes.

Another thing i have noticed with animation, is how much detail you can see in your own work. I can see every tiny, little mistake and every thing i like, everytime i watch it.

Animation also taught me about, good preparation, always plan how you will do everything, before starting a giant project, such as editing, animating, modelling etc. and work hard on all of it, because it will save you lots of time later.

But something else i learned, is that you can start a scene in a movie, with only a thought about what it will look like and just let it build ifself, this usually works.

And finally, always take an extra five minutes at the end of getting a scene, ready to check everything, before commiting to five hours of computer rendering and finding that is leaf is blocking the camera ( this actually happened today).

And my finally thought of the day, is that when playing halo with a cold, all of your symptomes will suddenly disappear, no runny nose, no headache, no tiredness, no coughing. Though i did find that after playing for too long, right after i sometimes did get a little headache. I wonder why this happens...

Kyler (the guy you should be hating)

Now a true Physics nerd!!!!!

I made it!!! I entered in a physics competition, and i made it yay!!!!

Kyler Too sick to really really celebrate
A new fact about Kyler- If you ever want to tell me anything, i may say no right away, i may even say no the next day, but on the 2 day, i will probably change my mind.

And a note to any body who see this blog for the first time, you may want to look in the archives or else you might just miss a little

And finally just a nice artistic picture, only a tiny tiny bit of contrast tuning was neccessary to make it look so nice

Ada, trying to show that her camera is better then mine

Mikael and Dan looking very communist, Dan is actually Picaso, who he told me, was a communist

Katie and Bianca

Bianca doing the limbo, Ada and Kate in the back

Lauren and Mike

That would be Kate, and Molly again

What we did after making a Jenga tower

Playing some high difficulty jenga

Some Giging, That would be Kate and Jasmine, and Katie and Kent

Some dancing, mostly to the beatles

This is getting weird, i all the pictures i am posting are of Travis and Molly

Another picture of travis, except upside down and with his hat on all weird

The essence of Jasmine (that is actually what she said before taking this picture)

Another picture of Travis and Molly, why do they get all the attention

Beth in a picture taken through a glass, it was Maggie's idea

Steven, with some one hiding behind him for some reason, quite possibly Beth running from my camera.

Steven might not look intimidating, but he beat me every time we played foosball, which i am not bad at. He even beat me with only his left hand.

This is the first of many pictures from Beth's Communist party (except that there was no real communisme going on).

In Chem I had to make some molecule models and just had to take a picture. And i couldn't help but put some focal blur on it.

See below...

I now sneak into my backyard from behind, because the bus stop changed spots, so i had to take a picture.

And just because i am nice i will post another random picture.

here is a random frame from my movie
Well I haven't been doing many posts about myself, because either I don't have anything to say, or i don't want to share with the world. I'll just say school and life are mostly good, i don't have any deeply rooted opinions to share, or good stories i can remember so ha.

Notice the calgary tower shadow

A little more light art