Back from BC

I just got back from a family trip to BC.

We first travelled to Kelowna, and stayed for a night.

We then drove to our Aunt and Uncle's house in Vancouver, and jump on their boat and went to Salt Spring Island.

After a few days on the island, we returned to Calgary, by passing through Osoyoos where we stayed for 2 nights.

Hopefully the pictures are pretty simple, just comment if you have a question.


Ax Animation

After having a bit of inspiration after actually chopping some wood at my grand parents cabin. Here is a little bit of animation that I made.

I have already added about twice as much, and will post the entire thing when it is completely done, hopefully in slightly better quality or clarity.

I'm getting the hang of hand animation, it's alot different from computer stuff in some ways, and the same in others.


Kyler Kelly