Poor little guy.

Sad news today.

Our little parakeet passed away today. His name was Jem. He was about 6 years old. Loved to fly around, land on your shoulder and try to eat whatever you were holding.

We all loved him.

The house is going to be way to quiet.



Well the card project had to be taken down. I didn't even attempt to save it. This step was a lot of fun.


My cards, not quite sixteen thousand

Well here are pictures of my latest sculpture project. I'm really happy with it. Should be setup in the main lobby of ACAD until next week. Lots of glue and lots of cards. Thanks to Sho, Tiffiny, Tiffany, and Jen (Am I missing somebody) for help setting it up. (All the picture are edited just how I like them)

Why do I have sixteen thousands cards?

There is a reason, and I'm talking about playing cards. No good art to report.