My idea to change the world

What is the second most common key on the key board that you use... backspace, so why is it all the way at the far edge of the key board. Why don't we just split up the space bar into three section. One large middle section for space and 2 smaller side buttons for backspace. No more reaching over when you make a mistake.

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Week at Pigeon Lake

Last week my family went to our grandparents cabin on pigeon lake. We had lots of fun and good weather. Here are some of the many, many pictures I took. Many of them have no peole, this is because I was just taking pictures to have a nice archive of the place for the future.


In our family the car when going on vacation is always full. Completely and untterly full. I would say that we did a pretty good job at getting everything in. If you look at the gold bag, you can see that 3 sets of clubs have been crammed into one bag.

Me all tied up in a hammock.

Our new flag.

Pigeon Lake nearly calm enough for water skiing.

My aunty Ann, Uncle Michael and Uncle Murray.

The view from our dock.

My cousins Robyn and Nick

One of our many campfires. I attempted to make a fire with stick rubing method, but I will need to allow for much more time to get a fire started. It is interesting how making a fire can let people sit around in a circle and talk. Usually people wouldn't just sit in a circle and talk. Fire brings everybody together (and makes good smores).

From left to right, my cousin Nick, my brother Kris, me, and my cousin Robyn.

A map of Paris on the wall of my room at the cabin. Some one took a very long time and drew every building by hand to create this map.

A pin board in my room at the cabin, I think they were collected by my grandparents in there travels around the world.

Some thing spooky in the forest.

Our tree house. The picture was taken at night to give it a nice spooky feel.

We still don't know what happened to this guy?

The driveway leading up to the cabins.

A nice pit of cobweb.

The view from the top of the tree house, which is pretty high up.

Fire wood

This is a net that was made by my grandma out of lots and lots of nylons dyed orange. It has provided me and my cousins with lots of entertainment. We are all a little too big to get bounce up and down on it like we used to, but it is still a good net.

The cabing we stay in.

Our sea-doo

An unknown dog came to visit one day.

The dog on the deck.


The other cabins living room.

A relic from the past.

A very cool candle, you can just keep unwinding it.

Kitchen table

The tv, which because of bad picture and few channels is rarely seriously used (except when it rains and at night).

The floor in our cabin.

Is it a ski? Is it a surf board? Is it a wake board? No, it's a skurf board. I inherited it from my uncle. It is from a time before the idea of wake boards.

These our the cabins we stay at, they are both my grandparents. Our family usuall stays in the one on the left. During large family gatherings we can stay 14 people.

My brother Kris and cousin Robyn running through the Edmonton City Hall wading pool during taste of Edmonton.

My cousin Robyn and my brother Kris after having run through the wading pool behind them in front of Edmonton city hall.

My cousin Nick wearing a CPPP pin we found. No he is not a communist, though he might become a dentist.

An additive to the fire caused it to burn different colours.

Being out of the city, fireworks are allowed at the lake. Very loud and entertaining.

My name spelt with a sparkler

My brother was the best at spellin his name with a sparkler