Anatomy Lab

This week in anatomy class we had the opportunity to go to the anatomy lab at the University of Calgary. I won't discuss it too in depth because they prefer if we didn't, simple to not stir up much controversy and so they don't get phone calls.

We were able to see 5 full bodies and various limbs.

At first everybody was very, very nervous, including myself. But after we had finished a brief tour/explanation from the lab technician, I decided to put on a lab coat and rubber gloves and start really closely looking at everything and actually handling stuff. It was interesting that once I actually put the lab coat and gloves on I actually felt much more comfortable. About half the class stayed in the lab and really looked at the stuff and asked lots of questions, but the other half did find they needed to leave, it was very overwhelming.

Now I seem to have a much better appreciation of what we are actually made of and how everything is tucked inside our bodies. I'd say that if you ever have a chance to do something like that, take it, especially if you think you have the stomach for it, because you will have a much greater appreciation for your body after.


Drawing Comics

I had to do a narrative project for my drawing class. I decided to use the format of one weeks worth of newspaper comics. So 6 daily comics and one sunday sized. I decided to make about something I know about and have thought of some funny jokes about, art school.

And then I decided to make them giant, so they communicate better.

And then I saw a bunch of space that was never used in the stairwells. So I put one on every floor of the school all the way up the stairs.

They were very well received from everybody I've talked to . It was great to hear people laughing up and down the stair well when they first saw them.

My pictures aren't great, so they might be hard to read and much less funny over the interweb.

This is a wax sculpture that is going to be cast in bronze,it is going to be pretty cool.