My Favorite Music Making Artists

Currently my favorite things on the internet:


Jack Conte

So we have Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, they make VideoSongs which are the following:
1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

For one thing I really like the music, but the videos take the whole art form to a completely different level for me. There is a whole new layer of truth that gets added into the mix. We see the place they made the music. If you watch enough of these videos you get to know the rooms, the camera positions. Further than that you get to know the instruments. They have a wide assortment of instruments which all add their own bit of character to the mix.

And finally we get the people. These people obviously love making music. But it is more than just how they act. You see Jack in his pajamas likely staying up way too far into the night recording his music. You can see progress they make and all the different creative things they do to make this music.

And lastly they are generally a two person show. They play, record, edit, mix, compose, film, composite, publish, distribute all of their own work. We live in the super modern era where you can do everything, so why not.

It may seem crazy at first, but I think they are on to something that can be more generally be applied to all arts. You can try to hide yourself in a glossy coating of nice perfection, but after a while people will start to see it for what it is. But you can be genuinely forward with the truth and the underpinnings of you work and it can raise itself to a whole different level.

I think in animation this is most notable in Stop Motion puppet animation. There are more chances in that type of animation for the process to show through. But in showing through it can be taken advantage of.

So watch these videos and enjoy.

I think they also taught me a lot about how to make a music.



This project has been long since completed, but it needed a few fixes before it stopped annoying me.

I need to work on my 3d animation workflow a lot. This was created very quickly and demonstrated a lot of my weaknesses. At least it got me reacquainted with 3d animation.


My Summer Job

A few weeks ago I was directed by a friend to look into a job posting by Parks Canada. They were calling for about 30 university students to become videographers for the summer. I applied right away and was accepted into the second part of the application process in which I had to make a 1 minute video explaining why I was the right person for this Canada Parks Job.

Here is a link the the video that I produced:

Kyler's Parks Canada Application Video

It was sort of interesting that what inspired me most in making that application video was watching other people's application videos. Most peoples video's were extremely focused on the Parks Canada Job at hand. There was no way that I could do any better in that field, so I instead went ahead with selling myself as exactly what I am, which is an animation student, a photographer and an artists.

I will admit the video is a little bit dramatic, but apparently it worked. I got the job with Parks Canada and will spend the summer shooting video in and around the Banff National Park.

There are still many little details to work out but, at least I am certain now this summer will be entirely too interesting.


Self Portrait

Making this self portrait started out as a grand complicated process. I asked almost everybody I know about me. I got all sorts of responses. There was a lot of stuff going on. I was thinking about trying to explain things about myself to others. Trying to express things they didn't know about.

But, as the process of creating this animation went on, it got cut down and simplified, and this is what is left.

I feel it is accurate and right.

Thanks to everyone who helped shape this portrait, even if your influence isn't obvious, it was essential.

I'm particularly proud of this project because I created all of content in in, including all music and sound effects. Generally I usually end up using some free bit of content from the net, however this time I was able to do it all myself.

Kyler Kelly

StoryBoard Final : the MicroSculptor

Here is my final project for my storyboarding class.

This class has been immensely useful to me. I think I have been quite limited by my ability to make stories to animate. I had a lot of difficulty coming up with stories by storyboarding them. This is likely because I have a very spacial mind. When I think of a scene, it is 3d dimensional. I think about the volumes and spaces I want to work with. However, since I'm not very imaginative, this lead to bland scenes because I can't flesh them out quickly in my mind.

However in this class I learned how to write a standard film script. They have very particular rules and conventions that keep everything extremely straight forward. Because of this, I can be more creative in thinking out the story without giving any thought to the actual scene and how it will look and fit together.

Between the script and storyboard, I than have room to design characters, the scenery and props.

By breaking up the whole process into more manageable pieces, the output is at a completely different level.