Balloon StoryBoard

This was a little exercise we had to do for our Story Boarding class. We were given the basic premise of a man in a balloon over the jungle, looking through binoculars an than being surprised. I was really inspired once I decided on the design of the balloon. It is 3 old balloons sewn together and than 2 baskets suspended from them.


No Posts For a While

I think there is a cycle to this blog, and in that cycle will be some dry spells. I think it has to do with the fact that life generally comes in waves. Every few month your general reality changes, new classes, new people, new projects, and at the end of all of those waves, once things are about to get new again, I guess there isn't too much analysis, or thinking going on. I think the last month was sort of like that, I just didn't have much to say, just stuff to do.

I got one big thing finished up today, and next week is reading week, so I get the feeling that I will have a moment to recoup, my brain will get settled again, and the posts will restart.

Or at least I suspect that.