Drawing but different

I've been doing a lot of drawing. I'm trying to get a character designed for a game for Mory. It requires a female main characte

Character design is always difficult, and drawing faces is difficult and a giant hurdle that I don't felt I have ever really gotten over is drawing female faces and really understand what makes them female.

So this is just a big pile of female face and face drawing research that I have been doing.

Now there is something special about these drawings. They look like pencil but the aren't.

I just graduated from school and received as a graduation gift an Asus Ep121 tablet computer. It has a wacom pen built into the screen so that I can draw directly on it with pressure sensitivity and very precise line work.

I am really loving it. I don't feel at all hindred by the tablet anymore. I'm still working on getting some really good animation software for it, but I have use a trial of TVpaint and it is going to be great to create 2d animation on.