What's that new box over there?

That box means that I got an xbox 360 for christmas. That would be my xbox live gamercard that keeps track of pretty much any game that I play on it.

I was really surprised on that santa ( actually Mrs claus) was able to find one.

And in other news, the rest of christmas was really good too. I grandparents came to our house and everybody is having a really good time.


I made it onto digg!!!

But then I got voted off of the homepage.

I actually was in my spare during the noon hour and was checking digg, I was surprised to find the story I submitted yesterday at the top of the homepage with about 56 diggs. I was very excited and keep checking every few minutes, and it keep getting more diggs, and more comments, but most of the comments were saying it was old news and was lame. I sort of agree that it was a lame story and it actually was old news.

I keep watching it, until about 1:30, when suddenly it disappeared. It must have gotten too many anti diggs to keep it on the homepage.

Link to proof

Well it was fun while it lasted and I'm still pretty happy that I got that far with a story, maybe next time I can do even better.


I saw this and counldn't help post it.

Credit goes to Cute overload

Even more of the grad set, my favorite part (because of the texturing), the Jeopardy set

More of the grad movie set, a little wheel of fortune.

Chemsitry Key

I have posted all of the pictures of the answer keys for the chemistry text book at the picturehold.blogspot.com. So now I don't have to send emails to people with all of the pages. And the order is from bottom to top.


IT didn't come, Dang IT

Whatever IT was, IT didn't come. It was supposed to have come between 12 and 2 yesterday, but of course, IT didn't.

Now I can do homework.


Aunt, Dad and Uncle (5 attempts and this is the best my uncle would do)

It's coming

What is IT, I won't tell, but IT, is going to be here soooon!!!



A sneek peek at a rendering of the 3d version of the cafeteria I am creating for the grade 12 grad video. Lots more detail to come in the scene.

Mike belaying at the rock climbing wall

The rusting continues

Rock climbing roots

snow in a beaker (except not snow, really dangerous chemicals)