What is this a picture of? (not that hard to guess). Skwinting really helps

Very interesting few days

I don't really want to give the whole story about what happened over the past few days, but it was pretty interesting. Once more of it has been solved, i will post a more thorough version.

Let's just say that somehow Arun stayed at my house for 2 days.


Today was the last day of class at school and our math class gave our teacher a cake and we had a bit of a party. I have been in the same class with the same teacher, for 2 years, so it was actually a big deal for the whole group.

Calgary seems to be flooding. There should be a path where all the water is.

Halo Facts

I found a cool program that goes on the internet and finds all of my Halo 2 stats and adds them up. Because some of my stats have already been deleted, some of these numbers are actually much higher then show. Much much higher then shown, especially the time played.

Total Games: 1472 lots of games, lots and lots of games
Total 1st Places: 686 (47 %) That is pretty good, it means the system works fairly well
Total Kills: 16021 (10.9 kpg) How many years would i get for that in the real world
Total Assists: 4033 I am very helpful to my team
Total Deaths: 14531 I sure have died alot
Total Medals: 1070 should be higher
Total Shots Fired: 35852 should be higher
Total Shots Hit: 15837 (44 %) I think this is a fairly high accuracy
Total Head Shots: 403
Total Time Played: 20h 23m 13s should be much much higher

My super complicated computer statistical analysist score is 603 out of 1000. Average is 500, proficient is 700. I am some where in the middle.

I also found, nearly all my games are played between 9 and 10 at night, mostly on fridays.

I also win more often when I am on the red team , 66% of the time.

I play the least on tuesdays.

Very interesting.


Another of those rainy day pictures.

This would be Kim getting thrown in the water during her party. It was really, really cold, but she had extra cloths, so serious harm done.

It was kims birthday party, and it was raining during the day, and there was a tornado watch, but luckily the weather was nice for the party.

It was raining all week, and I was stuck at a bus stop without an umbrella, so i took some pictures.

Something new

I am writing this blog entry using a cool program that I found on the internet. It is called dasher and it is a program that lets you type without akeyboard. It is really hard to explain so just try it. Ipromise that nothing bad will happen.
In other news, I think today had the most unlucky weather ever because the moment that we left school to walk to the train it started to rain. It wasn't really that bad just really unlucky.
Today I think that I have finally got to understand why calculus is so cool.
And finnally I think I think that I have overcome my Halo loseing streak. I think that it may have been that I was not in the right mindset to win, but alter thinking more positively and actually believing that I could win, I did and it is great. For anyone who wants to try out the program I was talking about go to http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/dasher/ and download it.