Well I've been doing painting, and I pretty happy with them. The second one might not be finished.

Can it be made?

Hopefully this thing will actually be makable in jewelery.

La Merle

Watch this video for the origin of the design.
Thanks Norman McLaren


Design Drawing

After many months at art school, I'm finally learning how to draw as opposed to making very nice drawings.

First Painting

This is my first actual painting. It has been adjusted and cropped to look best on a computer. It actually looks alot different in persons because it really has tons of texture which isn't apparent on a computer.

First Metal Project

For my first metals project I used roll printing to make this copper bookmark.

It's thick and heavy, yet very effective.

The design comes from the homemade gift I gave to my grandma for Christmas.

First Week Back at the Art Mines

Well I have been back at ACAD for a week and all is going well. I will rundown all my classes.

Jewelery and Metals

This class is probably going to be very interesting, I've already learned how to light a torch, which is not very hard, but exciting none the less. What really surprised me is how much of jewelery is actually chemistry: oxidation, reduction, combustion, metals, alloys, acids, bases, electrode, anodes, etc...

Unfortunately, my IB higher level knowledge is really of no use, since we don't have to calculate anything, or make anything up. But knowing is nice, none the less.


Where we learn to be humans.... I think

Or various things that everybody should know about philosophy, and critical thinking.

I'm just excited about the debates that will come up in class.

And I don't think I really like Plato ( don't hold me to that, I haven't thought about it too thoroughly).


Well we will be painting, and that is all I really know.

Art History

Same teacher, just a continuation, hilarious as always.

Design Drawing

This is my tough class. And the class that will actually make me good at drawing. The class dynamics is already really strong and the teacher is really involved in helping us get better at drawing.

And I must say, that I think I made a good first impression with this teacher. Then continued with a second bad impression, and probably alternated between for the rest of the class. Tapering off somewhere near the middle.

Important skill

This last week, I have discovered the secret to making friends. Learn their names, and they will be your friend. And the secret to learning names, ask. And I mean ask repeatedly. If you forget, just ask, and they will tell you, and then ask your name because they forgot also. Because absolutely nobody is actually "good" with names.


Curious Incident of the Pathfinder in the Nightime

On New Years Eve I went to Mikael's New Years Eve party. It was a very enjoyable party and was a great way to see everybody off for the next half of the school year.

Though the after party ended up being very different.

Tiff, Kim and I left the party at about 1:30, and started to drive home. We had just gotten onto Bow Bottom trail north leaving Deer Run. As we were crossing an intersection. A minivan which had a stop sign pulled into the intersection and struck the passenger side doors of our Pathfinder. Both cars spun, ours right through the intersection into the oncoming lane, the other stayed in the intersection.

Thankfully, the roads were empty. A few cars stopped to help, most importantly an off duty fireman who quickly called 911, and I think he even bypassed it to get the firemen there more quickly.

Everybody in both cars were fine, though I think everybody was going through varying levels of shock.

It took a few hours to clean everything up and fill out the reports.

Lots of people joke about how they feel that New Years doesn't make the world feel any different, this time, it actually did.

I know this incident really sucked for everybody involved, though I have been able to actually gain some interesting insight.

For one thing, I very rarely get overly stressed about anything, this is one of the few times I have been consumed by stress. And I was actually able to see how well things like movies, video games and music were at making me feel better by at least getting my mind off of what had happened.

Also, I'm fairly sure I could see this appearing in at least one piece of art in the next semester.

I'm really just thankful everybody is ok.