The Cumbersome Diamond

This was another storyboard that I had to make for my class. We were given the script and had to design everything else. I recorded my own voice for the dialogue, so please be nice, it is embarrassing enough.

Hopefully it actually makes sense when you haven't seen anything else. I have seen this so many times, and I have seen so many other versions of it that I think I might be a little immune to reading it's legibility.


Exactly Precisely Where I am

It is likely very common among people to think about where and how they fit in amongst everything else. If you are to do it critically, leaning heavily on the concrete evidence at hand, and not upon things you have been told it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that most things are pretty insignificant.

Your one person on a planet with seven billion other people. You have one life of most likely less than a hundred years, in comparison to a universe's 13 billion years. Logic dictates that most things are insignificant.

Your born into the world knowing nothing and as you grow up you get formed into a person who does know things and is self aware. Being self aware means that you recognize yourself in a mirror and that you know that you aren't other people and that other people aren't you. Now this self awareness is quite a big accomplishment for things that developed out of evolution.

But there is an awareness that is even more important than self awareness. Once humanity discovered the idea of evolution, a new depth of understanding was breached. A species had recognized the processes that had brought it about.

And, if you follow my keen interest in the topic of memetics, this theory also raises awareness a step further. Ideas of discovered their origins as well.

There is, behind each of us, a history which weaves back all the way back to the very beginning of the universe. It is indisputable that in fact, if it were possible, you could track yourself back right to the beginning of universe, and find the energy that came out of the big bang and was converted into matter.

Recognize the fact that your history goes on behind you, and recognize that it will go on in front of you. Your currently just a little section of the thread, made of energy, matter and ideas. It you understand evolution, physics, memetic and as much about everything as you can you will see this thread strung out through time with more clarity.

And if you don't want to feel insignificant, recognize the fact that you are at the growing end of the thread shooting out into the void, deciding on the direction. And for the moment your in control of that thread, but once your gone others will be taking charge of it genetically and memetically. It is in fact your opportunity to help those in your future see the thread as well. To make them learn, understand and recognize the things that explain everything.

You only make yourself more significant by allowing yourself a more accurate, critical and well founded understanding of humanity, the universe and everything else.