I don't like going to stores very much anymore.

I don't like looking at many commercial things anymore.

Every sign, picture, word, message, jingle, phrase, logo, tag-line and catch phrase is lying to me.

You said your food was fresh.
You said your restaurant was world famous.
You said this was a triple A grade egg.
You said I was saving money.
You said this was a great deal.
You said this was a guarantee.
You said I was helping the environment.
You said I wasn't cutting down trees.

But it's all lies, all the time.

Just tell the truth and I will buy your products.  But don't try to tell me your telling the truth, because that would probably be a lie.

Good luck economy

Black Swan

Always remember that film isn't the real world.

It feels real. It has consequences. Continuity must be... except of course it doesn't have to be.

This film isn't reality. It is a type of fantasy. It is part science fiction. It is the filmic representation of a platonic form. It demonstrates with powerful film language what it takes to create the perfect performance. It doesn't surrender in an attempt to be real.

Don't try to understand what actually happened in a film, because it didn't happen.

Understand what the film meant.