Ax Animation

After having a bit of inspiration after actually chopping some wood at my grand parents cabin. Here is a little bit of animation that I made.

I have already added about twice as much, and will post the entire thing when it is completely done, hopefully in slightly better quality or clarity.

I'm getting the hang of hand animation, it's alot different from computer stuff in some ways, and the same in others.


Kyler Kelly


Mikael said...

I think you're chopping wood wrong. If you put one hand near the head and one on the bottom of handle and then slide them together as you swing, towards the bottom; you'll get a more powerful hit.


Just teasing you, very good animation.

Anonymous said...

ky! how is work going for you? are they still letting you touch the ipods? i hope so.

i look forward to seeing you tomorrow. it should be fun! when are you guys coming out? evening, afternoon?

see you soon!