Big bang theory

Today I watched I show called the Big Bang Theory which I have seen once before. It is a fairly standard sitcom except the main characters are giant nerds. One of them is a quantum physicist.

At the beginning of the show this character started a conversation out of the blue explaining why even if teleportation existed, he would never use it due to the fact that it would kill the original and only send an exact copy to the new location.

I have actually brought up this same topic a few times and had the exact same opinion.

What this revealed is how I think. When I think about things in the present day, and see things around me, I'm not simply trying to understand them. I actually think things through to such a point that I plan how to do hypothetical or improbable things far into the future.

I suspect that I already have thousands of "what if" plans formulated with little bits of knowledge that help support them.

Here is a short list of things which I suspect I have vague plans for if they were to happen:

Space travel
Operating a backhoe
Running from the police
Flying an airplane
Being on the Apprentice
Going into the business world
Being a politician
Being a chef
Supporting myself through fine arts
becoming a hitchhiker
being an engineer
being a teacher
competing in high level sports
Getting into a fight
Being some sort of military person
Being an author

Most of the above list are strongly influenced by things I've seen or read. I have little actual experience in anything listed above.


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Erucolindo said...

what I find fascinating is how our parallel upbringings provided many of the same situations/exposure/involvements. I can probably guys what triggered more than half of those. Cool!

oh...and the scratched images are fantastic. What would it be like if you worked form real life.?