For a long time I considered myself to be pretty tidy. My room is pretty clean. My work space is clean. I rarely find myself consumed by any messes.

However I realized that I had a mess lurking where I hadn't considered one to be. On my computer. I know most people probably feel their computers are messy, but I think I my situation was quite particular simply due to the scale of the potential problem. I have something like 100 000 files on my computer which date back all the way to my days in junior high.

Today I decided to go through it and think I actually got it to a state where I understand most of what I have. Have things fairly well organized. And I have gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary junk.

Another thing I have come to realize are some of the problems associated with computer file collections. Take for instance my MP3 collection. Since everything doesn't actually take up much physical space, and because it is easily organized, I never feel as though I have the right to get rid of anything in it for fear I might want it in the future. However I am starting to get over this fear and have started to delete albums I am sure I don't want to listen to again.

The same is happening in my photo collection. I am trying to delete all of the bad photos and am trying to be very critical of any bad photos I find.

Hopefully computers and everything will stay advanced enough to keep up with these massive collections. Or I can get rid of stuff fast enough.


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