Good Communication and Really Good Communication

On TV shows, in sports, on resumes, in interviews, on jobs, and lots of other places good communication is always of utmost important. I would suspect most people assume this means there is a fair amount of talking going on, or memos going around, or some sort of board that has lots of information on it. Yes these are all good forms of communication. This blog is generally a fairly good form of communication.

However I've realized there is a point at which communication stops being an exchange between people.

My friends and I were walking through downtown Calgary to the train. As we are goofy art students, we managed to make the walk into our very own performance piece by drifting apart until we were all on different blocks. We hadn't actually said anything that had planned this, but we did all manage to get to where we were going without any trouble.

The reason was not that we had actually communicated. We had all predicted what we all meant by what we were doing, and were able to figure out what to do. We know each other well enough that this type of stuff works out.

When communication between people is really strong, they are probably saying nothing at all. They are predicting everything about the other person so they don't have to ask.


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