No magic in the world

I thought that my outlook on the world was fairly common, however I am starting to assume that it is not.

To make things as clear as possible here is what I believe about the world.

There is no god. There are no higher powers. There are no supernatural forces. There are no ghosts. There is no "soul" that lives past your body in the sense suggested by many religions (you live in other none "magic" ways). There is no such thing was being lucky or cursed. There is no such things as telepathic communication. There are no ways to defy the laws of physics. There is no such thing as mind over matter in the Chris Angel sense. There are no "vibrational" forces of good or bad energy that are actually real.

Hopefully by the above collection of statements you can guess what I think about any other topic.

Now for a big "however".

Just because the above collection of things do not exist does not mean that they do not play a role in our lives or have very reasonable explanations.

Take god for instance. There isn't one. However, the idea of god can be extremely useful when trying to understand how you fit into the universe. God can offer a way of thinking about the universe which can allow for a better understanding of it. However, a mental image is much different then being "real" as many people believe.

And I will skip over everything else and go right to the "vibrational good and bad energy". Many people might say that if they went to a place like a concentration camp that they feel "Bad vibes" coming from it. This is similar to saying that your eyes shoot out rays which allow you to see (which is what the Greeks believed). It is backwards. By looking and smelling and thinking about the concentration camp, you are creating your own "bad vibes". There is nothing going on that is held in atoms that lasts that way. It is all from you senses, your mind and your memory. This explanations doesn't require any magic. It is the explanation I believe to be true.



Erucolindo said...

Funny how the little personal truths can be so controversial. You have come to those conclusions earlier than I was willing to admit myself. It makes me wonder about how the context of friends, family and education allow our delusions to persist longer than they might otherwise. What prompted the post? Is this pushed by the scientific side of the "new earth movement"? I find the discussion it generates about two separate brains etc interesting, but the other parts (which I admit nothing more than a superficial understanding of) to ring way too much like god packaged as scientific spiritualism. I have one last question... think about it before you answer, it might make a good post - so are you spiritual?

Kyler said...

I'm pretty sure what prompted this post is reading Ayn Rand, some of the stuff that is said in the New Earth Podcasts, and it has been a thought that has been brewing inside for along time which I thought everybody actually believed.

I don't understand what you mean about scientific spiritualism.

Yes, I am very spiritual. I'm not exactly sure what I mean by spiritual myself, but apon looking it up on wikipedia, I think I relate best with the idea that I am well connected with things that are immaterial ( think of the ideal forms of plato's republic, though don't limit it to those).